Let's not pretend this isn't important. For all the wonderful qualities of this conditioner, this is still one of our favorites. It just smells so damn good! Nom nom nom. (Don't actually eat it... trust us.)

kissed with french argan oil, Vitamins, & antioxidants

We’ve leveled up conditioner with these goodies to help moisturize, soften, and add shine to your hair. All while wheat protein repairs and nourishes your hungry tresses. Preventing those dry and brittle strands that only serial killers and scarecrows prefer.


Drug store conditioner is for people who think drug store shampoo is a good idea. But you're better than that, so we’ve removed common unhealthy crap like SLS, Alcohol, and Parabens.

color & Extension safe

Maintain a seamless natural look between your real hair and those sweet sweet extensions. Will not loosen or damage bonds. Safe for colored hair, you beautiful bastard.

presented by joei d fox

The entire Fucking Fantastic haircare line has been carefully tested over years and curated by celebrity stylist (she hates it when we call her that) and the Queen of Badassery (she likes that one), Joei D Fox.