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Are your products tested on animals? 

Absolutely not! We remove our makeup, not our hearts! Also, we fear the all powerful and magnificent woodchuck. (See last question below.)

Why did you name your brand "Fucking Fantastic"?

Because the english language could not provide us with a better way to describe our staff and our products. After scouring our lexicons and a dramatic google search montage to the tune of 1985's "The Search Is Over" by Survivor... this was the best and most accurate combination of words that we found. Plus, it's just fun to tell people and watch their reactions. :) We highly recommend it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, Shop, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We thought about accepting gold coins via snail mail so we could pretend to be pirates and use the word "booty" even more than we already do but... the postage.

Where are you located?

Our team are scattered around the good ole US of A in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A lot. But we dare not mess with the infamous wooodchuck aka "the groundhog" for fear of being trapped in a seemingly infinite time loop as the same day repeats over and over until we team up with Scarlett Johansson and Sophia Coppola in Tokyo in an effort to free ourselves from this temporal paradox by mastering the ancient ways of Suntory Time. Cheers.

Is the FF Makeup Remover Towel good for sensitive skin? Acne-prone skin? Oily skin? Dry skin? 

Sure is! Since you only need good ole' fashioned water with no chemicals, no rubbing, no tugging, and no harsh cotton fibers... the FF Makeup Remover Towel is perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Why not just use the regular towel I have now? 

Our FF Makeup Remover towel is made of a premium ultra plush specialty microfiber. This special microfiber contains millions of tiny fibers that are thinner than a human hair working together to lift, trap, and remove makeup, oil, and dirt from the pores of your skin. Comparatively, a standard cotton / blended towel is harsh and abrasive, causing micro tears across the surface of your delicate skin, all while displacing the oils, dirt, and makeup, instead of lifting it from the skin.

Is the FF Makeup Remover towel vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, nut free, soy free, & dairy free? 

Yes, yes, yes, all the yesses! But it IS made with love and a whole lotta sass.

Can the FF Makeup Remover remove my waterproof / long-lasting makeup?

Damn straight! Our FF Makeup Remover Towel is ready for any makeup you can throw at it. But, for waterproof and long lasting makeup, we do recommend using warm water while holding the towel against the area to help loosen it. Then just use small circular motions to remove that stubborn war paint.

How long does a FF Makeup Remover last?

Up to 5 years or over 1000 machine washes! So waaaay longer than those wipes, cotton balls, tissues, paper towels, and other disposables.

When should I replace my FF Makeup Remover?

Similar to other garments that you own, when the material begins to break down and the towel becomes less effective, it may be time for some new Freshness.

How does it all work?

Just follow the 3 W's! Wet. Wipe. And Wash.  >>Learn More Here<<

Are there any soaps, added chemicals, or solvents in the towels? 

Nope! All you need is water and the magical mystical (totally science based) power of microfiber! Though we do also support you using your favorite cleanser, we personally love 100% coconut oil. Mmmm... coconut.

Will it tug/pull on my skin or cause wrinkles? 

That's a negative, Ghost Rider! We only want wrinkles on an adorable Sharpei, not on our lovely faces! When used as directed, the FF is one of the gentlest ways available to remove your makeup.

How do I use it? 

First, be sure to machine wash your towels before the first use. From there, wet your FF Makeup Remover Towel in warm water. Then, gently wipe off your makeup using small circular motions. You can use the same towel bit by bit if you'd like to be a little more conservative, or have one for each day of the week! Either way, once your FF towels are dirty just toss them in to your washer and dryer, and they are ready for another use! Ooohh we love fresh laundry... soooo soft, warm, and cleaaaannnn!  >>Watch our handy dandy instructional video here.<<

Can I use my cleanser or any other products with my FreshFace Makeup Remover? 

Abso-posa-lutlely! (That means yes!) As mentioned we personally recommend 100% coconut oil! But your favorite cleanser, micellar water, and other products can all be great additions to the makeup removal process. Whatever you end up using, just be sure to fully rinse it out of the fabric in between uses. Also, try to machine wash it a bit more regularly to avoid all of that fancy product from building up on the towels. Yucky.

Should I wash my face after I use my FF Makeup Remover Towel? 

We recommend you keep up with your regular skincare routine after using your FF Makeup Remover Towel.

What about bacteria? Is this sanitary? 

Our FF Makeup Remover Towel is antibacterial by nature, that's because the fibers are so small that it is nearly impossible for bacteria to live and grow on them. SCIENCE!

Can I use the FF Makeup Remover Towel even if I don't wear makeup?

Why not?! Remember, the FF Makeup Remover towel doesn't just remove makeup, it also also cleans your pores of oil and dirt. Totally useful for those of us who prefer to rock a fully natural look, and even the fellas. We see you boy!

How Do Returns & Refunds Work?

Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are happy! So we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on all of our products... We want you to be as confident as we are. Learn more on our Return Policy page.

Do you ship to the US?

We ship to to the entire US! That includes Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/DPO addresses, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

Do You Ship Worldwide? 

Yes! We ship wordwide! International shipping rates are calculated during checkout. But Fucking Fantastic is not responsible for duties or taxes imposed on international shipments... kinda out of our hands there ya'll. :)

My package was lost / stolen / ejected in to space during transit, what now?

While we are not responsible for packages that are lost, stolen, returned, or delayed by any of the shipping carriers that we use... we will do our best to work with you if such a thing does happen. Especially the space one... that's actually kind of awesome. Just contact us for support.

Do you offer FREE Shipping?

Why, as a matter of fact, we do! All orders over $50 shipped domestically to the contiguous United States will have a FREE Shipping option available at checkout! This offer is not available for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/DPO addresses, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, or international delivery.

When will my order ship?

Orders placed before 2 pm PST/PDT are sometimes processed same day, but usually will be shipped by the next business day. That means orders placed on Fridays and over the weekend will be processed and shipped on the following Monday. Most orders should include a confirmation email with tracking information once the order is processed.